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Viva Networks Introduces New Network Management Tools

Ottawa, Ontario — May 15, 2015: Viva Networks has introduced new network management tools as part of its complete portfolio of managed network services and solutions for remote applications.

Viva Networks, a leading provider of complete, end-to-end fixed terrestrial and satellite-based network provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and management services, has introduced these new tools to address and fix the most common reasons that lead to slowdowns in business communications networks in remote locations.

The new bandwidth and network traffic analysis tools act as a security camera for remote networks by monitoring all network activity and providing alerts when a problem must be addressed.

“Even when your devices appear to be achieving 100 percent uptime, your network can still be bogged-down or congested by a sudden spike in traffic,” said Gilles Desmarais, President, Viva Networks. “Our managed network services continuously monitor the performance of a network to ensure bandwidth related issues are proactively addressed, eliminating the need for customers to have in-house network management resources. We provide real-time traffic monitoring that quickly identifies bandwidth issues that need to be solved so our customers can improve the overall performance of their networks. This eliminates the headaches associated with network support, so customers can focus on managing their business rather than their communications network.”

The Viva managed network services solution is an all-in-one offering that does not require the deployment of costly specialty hardware. It can be deployed on a live network without service interruption and has no effect on the performance of pre-existing network hardware and software.


About Viva Networks

Viva Networks provides vendor and technology neutral, end-to-end managed network services and networking solutions, which go beyond traditional connectivity offerings to ensure the reliability, performance and security of business-critical communications networks. Viva Networks services simplify the process, reduce the cost, and eliminate the risk associated with creating, deploying, maintaining, and managing efficient and secure wide area, high speed data, voice and multimedia networks and services. These services reduce network downtime at the network, desktop and application level that can negatively impact the business productivity of medium and large enterprises and government agencies, which rely on communications networks for local and remote operations worldwide, but don’t have the resources to effectively manage network and IT infrastructures.

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