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Viva Networks Positions for Success With Aragona Communications Program

Ottawa, Ontario – November 7, 2013: Viva Networks has successfully completed the first phase of a market positioning strategy developed and managed by Aragona Communications.

Viva Networks is a leading provider of complete, end-to-end fixed terrestrial and satellite-based network provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and management services. After working with Aragona Communications on a successful branding and positioning program in 2011, it turned to the agency for a marketing and public relations strategy that would bring the company to the attention of potential customers in the mining sector.

“We needed to create mindshare with the presidents and vice-presidents of mining companies that establish and maintain mining camps in Canada’s remote regions where traditional telecom services can’t reach,” said Gilles Desmarais, President, Viva Networks. “Aragona Communications developed and managed a program that did just that with an effective mix of exhibit marketing, proactive media relations, and sales support tactics. The program created the awareness we needed, got our messages out to our target audiences, and laid the groundwork for our sales process.”

With the first phase of the program now completed, Aragona Communications is working with the Ottawa-based company to extend the approach into other Viva target markets.

“Back in 2011, I said that Viva wanted an agency that could go beyond basic design requirements to properly position the company and its products,” said Gilles. “Aragona Communications has consistently delivered results on both the marketing and the public relations fronts. This has made it easier for us to convert market awareness into actionable sales leads and successful sales.”


About Viva Networks
Viva Networks provides vendor and technology neutral, end-to-end managed network services and networking solutions, which go beyond traditional connectivity offerings to ensure the reliability, performance and security of business-critical communications networks. Viva Networks services simplify the process, reduce the cost, and eliminate the risk associated with creating, deploying, maintaining, and managing efficient and secure wide area, high speed data, voice and multimedia networks and services. These services reduce network downtime at the network, desktop and application level that can negatively impact the business productivity of medium and large enterprises and government agencies, which rely on communications networks for local and remote operations worldwide, but don’t have the resources to effectively manage network and IT infrastructures. www.viva.ca

About Aragona Communications
Aragona Communications has been delivering marketing and public relations strategies and tactics to technology and telecommunications companies since 1992. The Aragona Communications team has extensive experience developing and executing strategies and programs that help clients cut through the clutter, deliver key messages to target audiences, support market strategies and improve the bottom line.

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