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Northern Mines Expo Selects Viva Networks For Exhibitor Wireless Service

Intelligent bandwidth management service enables high-quality voice, video, and data communications on any device

Ottawa, Ontario – May 28, 2013: Exhibitors at this year’s Northern Mines Expo in Timmins, Ontario will have a world of communications options at their fingertips for essential, in-booth applications of high-quality voice, video, and data communications on any device enabled by Viva Networks intelligent bandwidth management service.

Viva Networks, a leading provider of complete, end-to-end fixed terrestrial and satellite-based network provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and management services, has been selected to provide full, wireless communications service coverage of the show floor in all buildings and pavilions. With this coverage, exhibitors will be able to conduct business using essential Internet-based applications, such as web browsing, secure web browsing, and e-mail, as well as secure business applications.

“We needed a supplier who could provide complete coverage of the entire show floor and Viva Networks has the right service with the right features,” said Glenn Dredhart, President, Tradex. “With Viva Networks intelligent bandwidth service, all our exhibitors will be able to operate all their communications applications in their booth, without having to struggle with a congested network and the typical slowdowns in service typically associated with standard Wi-Fi options.”

The satellite-based, Viva Networks intelligent bandwidth management communications solution is engineered with advanced load balancing, traffic shaping, and network management technologies that go beyond traditional satellite connection services. These technologies ensure that all users get their fair share of available bandwidth at all times. They significantly reduce delays in all IP-based traffic. And they improve the overall quality of experience (QoE) for all applications on any device.

“We have received very positive feedback from customers who have deployed this solution at remote sites since we originally introduced it in 2012,” said Gilles Desmarais, President, Viva Networks. “Customers have reported a significant improvement in the reliability and quality of communications at their sites. With intelligent bandwidth management our customers can provide a higher quality experience to employees using a variety of personal and business communications tools, including tablets, smartphones, and notebook computers. Plus, the solution increases network efficiency by 20 to 25 percent.”

Based on the most advanced networking technologies, intelligent bandwidth management is engineered to provide all personnel in remote mining camps with trouble-free use of reliable and secure communications with the highest quality of service (QoS), anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Load balancing continuously monitors network traffic, identifies the number of users, and automatically allocates bandwidth based on each user’s need. Traffic shaping technology analyzes traffic patterns and automatically prioritizes time-sensitive traffic, such as voice over IP (VoIP) and video. And network management technologies monitor, measure and report on network and application quality and proactively perform application layer deep packet inspection to enable bandwidth management, shaping and filtering, while maintaining a high level of security.

“We have tried other communications options at our remote site in British Columbia, but none have been able to keep up with the demand employees put on the network with their personal devices,” said William Leonard, Sr Project Manager, Coast Mountain Hydro, AltaGas Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project. “The Viva Networks solution not only supports all of the more than 300 employee devices on site with high-quality service, it also maintains the high-quality business communications we need to manage our remote operations every day.”

A demonstration of Viva Networks intelligent bandwidth management solutions will be featured in Booth P-05 at the Northern Mines Expo, May 29-30, 2013.


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