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To ensure you get the most out of your communications infrastructure, Viva Networks offers a complete portfolio of networking solutions engineered to enhance the performance of local and wide area networks.

Our managed networking solutions reduce network downtime at the network, desktop and application level that can negatively impact your business productivity. They go beyond traditional connectivity offerings to ensure the reliability, performance and security of business-critical communications and IT networks, wherever and whenever you need them.

With Viva Networks, you can tailor a managed networking solution to fit your business needs now, and easily scale it to adapt to your growing networking requirements. Our complete portfolio includes solutions for:

  • Intelligent bandwidth management
  • Network Security
  • WAN Optimization
  • Network Monitoring
  • IT architecture development and management

Intelligent Bandwidth Management

Viva Networks satellite-based solutions are equipped with intelligent bandwidth management, which provides high-quality anytime, anywhere communications for any device at any remote operation.

Based on the most advanced networking technologies, intelligent bandwidth management gives remote sites trouble-free, reliable and secure access to voice, video, data, and web browsing applications with the highest quality of service (QoS), wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Viva Intelligent Bandwidth Manageent Illustration

This ensures you get the reliability, performance and security you need for your business-critical communications. It supports the personal communications needs of employees. And it reduces the overall cost of delivering high quality communications services to remote sites.

Viva Networks intelligent bandwidth management is engineered with advanced load balancing, traffic shaping, and network management technologies that go beyond traditional satellite connection services. These technologies ensure that all users get their fair share of available bandwidth at all times. They significantly reduce delays in all IP-based traffic. And they improve the overall quality of experience (QoE) for all applications on any device.

Network Security

Network Security

Viva Networks offers complete network security solutions designed to keep your organization’s most valuable asset – the information and data on your network – protected.

Our complete network security options allow you to take advantage of the latest security technology and industry standards without the associated infrastructure, management and support costs. They provide tailored, scalable, turnkey managed IT infrastructure security services 24 hours a day, seven days a week under three service families:

  • Managed Firewall, which is your first line of defense against the ongoing wave of cyber crime and includes anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion detection, and content filtering options
  • Data Protection, which provides disk-based information and data backup solutions and includes automatic, real-time data backup for servers, laptops and PCs
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN), which provides secure network links over the public Internet and includes remote access VPN and site-to-site VPN options

And to make sure you get the maximum level of security you need, our security experts work with you to configure and deploy the right hardware and software elements for your organization. Post-deployment, we provide on-going, pro-active monitoring and maintenance of your security system, make rule changes whenever you request them, and provide recommendations for future additions, upgrades, or enhancements.

With Viva Networks, you can opt for a complete, turnkey network security solution. There is no hardware or software to purchase. You get complete support, including security patches and updates, as required, full hardware replacement, if needed, pro-active security monitoring, and secure, encrypted, remote administration.

WAN Optimization

2-mobile-satelliteEvery Satellite communication link requires efficient transport of data and voice. Therefore, optimization and acceleration of the available bandwidth is essential.

Viva Networks provides managed Wide Area Network (WAN) services using a variety of tools and techniques to accomplish true Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) acceleration and optimization.

Our Internet over satellite services are optimized with XipLink technology, which uses three core elements to enhance service delivery:

  • Transport layer TCP acceleration and optimization
  • Advanced data compression
  • HTTP acceleration

Engineered together, these technologies deliver a superior Internet over satellite user experience, which is similar to terrestrial Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service. At the same time, the technology enables more efficient and effective use of available bandwidth.

The Viva Networks Internet over satellite solution is scalable, customizable, TCP/IP compatible and transparent. It is standards-based and available wherever your business takes you.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

An efficient business communications network allows you to compete more effectively. It makes your employees more productive, streamlines communications with your partners and suppliers, and improves interactions with your customers.

To ensure your network continues to enable all these digital interactions you need reliable, high performance Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity from every desktop – local and remote – to the Internet. This business-critical networking requirement can’t be taken for granted and must be managed just as carefully as all the other elements of a completely optimized, end-to-end network infrastructure.

Viva Networks provides a complete set of integrated WAN reliability and performance management tools that allow you to monitor and manage WAN performance at the network, desktop and application level. With these tools you can create synergy between your IT and your business by optimizing application and network performance and ensuring all your local, remote and mobile employees always have the most efficient WAN connections at their fingertips, wherever they may be.

Our integrated, end-to-end network management and optimization solution includes:

  • Application acceleration
  • Desktop and server monitoring and remote management of equipment
  • WAN network monitoring, measuring, alerting and reporting
  • Bandwidth management, shaping and filtering
  • Network optimization and efficiency tools for mitigating the effects of latency, congestion and disruptions
  • Network security and intrusion detection

IT Architecture Development and Management

IT Architecture

On-site application servers and network attached storage solutions are costly and, often, inefficient options that must be continuously maintained and upgraded to ensure data is always available and applications are always operating at peak efficiency. A more cost-effective approach is to outsource data storage and application server requirements.

Viva Networks provides centralized hosting and co-location of IT infrastructure and application servers, backed by complete network administration, maintenance, and reporting that simplifies network, data, and application management.

With Viva Networks you get the flexibility to customize server management to fit your business needs today, and easily scale to address future growth. Depending on your needs, hosting and collocation solutions can be implemented at your current facilities, or at our secure data centers.

Plus, to help you maximize your server and application uptime and keep productivity levels high, Viva Networks provides proactive monitoring of your servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This ensures your system is always operating according to pre-defined health parameters.

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