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Viva Networks provides vendor and technology neutral, end-to-end managed network services and networking solutions. We go beyond traditional connectivity offerings to ensure the reliability, performance and security of business-critical communications and IT networks, wherever and whenever you need them.

Our custom, managed, fixed terrestrial and satellite-based network services use the industry’s most advanced and best-of-breed network technologies, systems and solutions. They enable the delivery of cost-effective broadband data, voice and multimedia applications to medium and large enterprises and government agencies operating in remote and isolated regions. And they are engineered to ensure reliable, secure, wide area communications at the network, desktop and application level.


Satellite Services

Viva Networks provides flexible, scalable satellite broadband solutions that go wherever your business takes you.

We design, provision, monitor and maintain next-generation data, voice and multimedia networks, services and applications over field-tested and proven satellite and mobile satellite infrastructures.

Our satellite services are designed to meet the fixed and mobile communication requirements of medium and large enterprise customers in the oil and gas, mining, and hydro electric industries, as well as government agencies operating anywhere in North America.

All our satellite-based services are backed by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts with an intimate understanding of the communications challenges facing companies operating on a national and international scale.

With more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, our team has a proven track record providing reliable and innovative value-added business communication solutions via satellite.

Mobile satellite services – Iridium, Inmarsat, GlobalStar - satellite phone rental

Mobile Satellite

Viva Networks changes the rules of business communications with flexible, scalable mobile voice and data solutions.

Our mobile managed networking solutions are engineered to create and maintain an efficient and effective business communication network for any organization operating outside of major urban centers. They deliver ubiquitous voice and data coverage beyond urban environments and key communication corridors.

Viva Networks mobile solutions are engineered for voice and low speed data communications. They are ideally suited for maritime, aviation, government/military, emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities applications.


Managed VoIP solutions, telephony, hosted PBX, satellite voip


Viva Networks offers managed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service over satellite and terrestrial links for fixed communication applications.

The Viva Networks VoIP service is built on a VoIP solution engineered and fully tested to deliver high clarity, minimal jitter, minimal delay, no echo and an overall better call experience compared to other offerings on the market.

Viva Networks VoIP can support either single or multiple lines and can provide immediate savings in comparison to traditional fixed or satellite telephone costs. In addition, to enable a complete VoIP service at all service levels, a full-featured PBX system and desktop phones complement our offering. Viva Networks VoIP service also offers local calling into any major center in Canada.


Managed network services, network management, managed Satellite network, managed WAN services, satellite optimization and network monitoring and performance tools

Managed Network

Viva Networks managed network services take the worry out of creating and managing a business-critical communications network in remote locations.

Our managed network services eliminate the need for you to have your own in-house network management resources. They offload business network support requirements so you can focus on managing your business rather than managing your communications network.

Plus, to ensure you get the most out of your communications infrastructure, Viva Networks offers a complete set of performance management tools engineered to monitor, manage and enhance the performance of Wide Area Network (WAN) communications.


Managed IT services, IT Architecture development & management, enterprise IT, network and security

Managed IT

Viva Networks managed IT services simplify the management of advanced, enterprise-level IT, networks, and network security for small, medium, and large organizations.

Our complete portfolio of managed services includes installation for a variety of hardware and associated software from industry-leading suppliers. In addition, Viva Networks can assume full responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and management of all network components in most installations.

All our managed services are designed to ensure you have the highest level of IT infrastructure availability possible. They improve the performance, reliability, and security of an advanced infrastructure, and reduce downtime that can negatively impact business productivity. Most importantly, they create intelligent synergy between your IT and your business processes, and improve productivity and performance by maintaining the flow of business-critical information.

With our complete portfolio of managed services you can harness the full power of the most advanced hardware, software, network security systems and solutions, and eliminate the risks associated with advanced IT infrastructure investments.


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